Thursday, February 5, 2009

Being promoted - JGDS takes on the blogging world February 12

Vivian shared a posting with me for someone looking for educational books to be featured on her blog. I sent the required information to Shari and we will be appearing on her blog on February 12. Mark the date and come see what is in store on this unofficial blog tour. It should be a very fun, educational week.

Shari is featuring health and safety week this week. Stop by and check out Donna Shepherd's two books being featured today. See you all in the postings - E :)


Rena Jones said...

Sounds like fun!

elysabeth said...

Every little bit helps. I've got to get more readers and teachers and homeschoolers involved somehow - lol - I think this was a cool idea - having people just submit to her for a theme she's running during the week. Be sure to stop by Shari's blog on Wednesday the 11th, as Vivian will be there. I need to see if she has a schedule to promote - see you in the postings - E :)

Suzanne Lieurance said...


Isn't it amazing the "creative" blogging that's going on out there? I think a weekly theme is a great idea. I'll have to check out this blog.

Happy blogging!

Suzanne Lieurance
The Working Writer's Coach

Vivian Zabel said...

I need to post about Shari's blog, too. Since the blog tour for Prairie Dog Cowboy begins February 15, her blog post will be a nice preliminary event.

elysabeth said...

Suzanne, I like a themed week idea too. That way you can "feature" several different authors in the same week.

Vivian, definitely. I had posted this before you had mentioned that you would be on her blog on the 11th. I also need to post your schedule of your tour and other items about you for your upcoming tour.

I may do a themed week to host other authors - still tying into my series - now to figure out how to do that - lol - see you all in the postings - E :)

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