Sunday, December 21, 2008


Holly Jahangiri's character, Trockle, just gave me the “Your Blog is Fabulous” Award!! I'm told the rules of the award are simple: Write about 5 addictions (not sure I can really come up with five addictions) you have and then pass the award on to the 5 blogs (that can be tough when everyone keeps nominating the same ones) that you think are Fabulous… So here goes:

Five addictions:
1. Chocolate, white, dark and milk (in that order, even though I know white is really not chocolate).
2. Computer games (spider solitaire and freecell mostly but addiction solitaire is right up there)
3. Grape Nuts hot

I'm at a total loss for items 4 and 5 (it's much harder to come up with things I'm addicted to than fun info about myself. I'll try to keep working on this and may edit it at a later date.

Five fabulous blogs:
1. Mr. Hughes
2. Batya's UPositive blog
3. Cassie Litton Gregory
4. Katie Hines
5. Rena Jones


Rena Jones said...

Thanks Elysbeth! Well, aren't we the popular ones lately? LOLOL!

Vivian Zabel said...

Come on, surely you could find two more addictions.

elysabeth said...

Vivian, I think addictions are hard because you have to admit you have a problem - lol. No I really couldn't think of anything that I'm addicted to. Chocolate and sweets are kind of in the same category to me (and anyone can look at me and tell I'm addicted to chocolate and sweets equally)- oh well - go figure - E

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