Thursday, January 19, 2012

2012 Afghan drawing

I've got all but five squares completed for the granny square afghan and even started a second red, white, blue one in the "round ripple" pattern. Once I get the squares completely put together I'll finish the round ripple one. Daughter thinks I should have two drawings this year but I'm still not seeing sales so probably will save the round ripple for next year and I've got a third pattern (will need to collect yarn over this year) to do for 2014. If I decide to do two drawings this year, I will let you all know. Mostly this will depend on how sales go and from the looks of it, there will only be one drawing a year. If I have an overwhelming response at my in-person events, I will change my mind.

So here are the pics of the squares. I've started sewing some together so I won't be totally overwhelmed by that task (the most time consuming part of it). No pictures of the sewn together pieces yet but these are the squares.

Enjoy. There will be pictures of the finished afghan later. - Ma America :)


Anonymous said...

The afghan squares look great. Look forward to seeing pictures of the finished product.

elysabeth said...

I can't wait to get it finished so I can work on the round ripple afghan and then when I get that one done, I'll be out of projects for a while until I get more yarn and patterns - lol. I already know which pattern I'm doing for the 2014 drawing but need to get the yarn for that one. I'm having fun though - E :)

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