Monday, July 11, 2011

SC Festival of Discovery

So Saturday, Jess and I trekked to Greenwood to set up for the festival, which happened to be outside. The crafters were in a parking lot along Main Street in front of a couple of buildings and on the other side of the street, the stage and performances and first aid area as well as all the BBQ pits were. It was very hot Saturday, this being July and all. Anyway, right after we set up the tent and got the tables semi-situated, it started to drizzle (thankfully we had a screened tent). The rain didn't last long and not much was affected - mostly the one table where Jess had set out the games for the kids to play but I had laminated everything and the bingo pieces and prizes were in plastic boxes so nothing really to get ruined. I did walk the craft tables once and let Jess walk them and get our food and stuff at lunch. We sold four books for the whole day but I had several teachers and librarians and a couple of homeschoolers or someone who knew a homeschooler stop by the table and ask all kinds of questons and took my contact information. I think in total we had nine serious inquiries of the folks who are teachers, librarians or homeschoolers. Fingers crossed all those leads do pan out. The guy next to me who was selling marshmallow guns took a handful of bookmarks because he said he was the custodian at his school and he would pass my info to the media specialist at his school.

Here is the table, after we pulled it inside the tent because of the sun and heat (we originally had it facing out at the doorway but the sun was coming down on the display, we just moved it inside. We didn't really have it arranged too well since you can't see the new cover for Wilderness, but it's all good.

This is the other table with Ms. Faye's book on it and my afghan which is the prize for the drawing I will be doing on December 1. Jess had her game pieces on the other end of the table. We had a few people pick up Ms. Faye's book but no one bought a copy. I'll put her bookmarks in the library when I go up there next week.

Only one man played the State Capital Quiz - not sure what he won because I had stepped away to the restroom. I did hear him say he almost majored in geographic studies in school.

I did meet one lady who was doing face painting and she painted my arm as advertisement for her - I got this beautiful red, white and blue butterfly done. She is quick and very good at what she does.

Jess saw the bushes that had been cut as "monsters" and decided to take pictures. The green one was at the end of the parking lot and the red and white one was kind of behind us but to the left (as you were facing the tent). Greenwood sure has changed since I attended school at Lander eons ago. But it is a very nice town and the upgrades do wonders for the economy.

We stopped at DQ on the way home to get something to cool us off and that ice cream cone hit the spot. Overall, I think we had a very good day, although the heat did get to me. After I dropped Jess off, I kind of fell asleep in my car (took the key out of the ignition, was about to get out and had opened the door a tad, but I think I passed out for a bit - not really fell asleep), came inside and crawled on the bed for about an hour or so and then got up and checked emails and was right back to bed within a couple of hours. I thought I really had drank plenty of water but apparently not enough or my body doesn't adjust to extreme temperatures very well any more. Yesterday was kind of a blur. I couldn't even really start work until late evening. I will think about doing this event again and if I do, I will have to get some personal battery operated fans and hope we are on the other side of the parking lot where all the shade trees were. Have a year to decide whether we do this one again or not - :) See you all in the postings - Ma America!!

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