Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Drawing prize (red, white and blue afghan) finished

(this is folded in half but the total length is about 45 inches and about 36 inches from top red strip to bottom blue strip)

I had this red, white and blue yarn to do something fun for promoting the books but wasn't sure what I would do. I decided in May to make a mile-a-minute afghan (see posting here). The afghan is finished and we have at least six people in the drawing so far. The deal is for any purchase one makes, either directly at events or through amazon.com or by way of the website you will be entered in the drawing. The afghan will be on display through November with the drawing being held on or around December 1st with the prize being mailed on or about the 7th of December. If you order from online (amazon), please be sure to email me your contact info so that I may put your name in the drawing. Good luck to all who are entered.

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