Monday, May 16, 2011

Skype an Author and Plurk

About the middle of March or so, Mr. Hughes introduced me to Plurk, a social network much like twitter. I joined and have connected with teachers and school librarians. I like it much better than twitter in that it is easier to follow the postings. The teachers are always posting great resources. I've got a couple of make your own comic book sites and a few other things from being there.

Last week, one of the teachers had posted about her class Skyping with an author. I commented that I couldn't wait to have my first Skype session. Another teacher said I could Skype her class if I was bored. So we have connected via plurks and private messages and I will have my first Skype in a classroom session Thursday. I can't wait to Skype with Mrs. Jurkowski's 3rd class in Indiana, a state I have not visited yet. If any of my readers are looking for a new social network to join, come on over to Plurk and check it out. Here is my personal invite to all of you to join. You never know with whom you will connect.


Kelly said...

Hi! We are excited to talk to you, too! Here is our classroom website so you can find out about us.

We will talk to you tomorrow!

Mrs. Jurkowski's class

elysabeth said...

Your classroom website looks great and I'm looking forward to having a nice author chat with you all. See you tomorrow - Mrs. E :)

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