Sunday, May 22, 2011

Blue Ridge bookfest

This past Friday and Saturday I attended the Blue Ridge Bookfest in Hendersonville, NC. Friday was a meet and greet author reception with a reading performance by a group from the local area of the featured author's, Ann B. Ross, first book - a Miss Julia book. Saturday the authors greeted patrons at their tables while Malaprop's Bookstore sold copies of all exhibiting authors' books.

(doesn't help see the back too well with me wearing a blue shirt under the shawl. I'll make sure the next time I'm wearing a white shirt so that the colors show up better) (basically I'll have two outfits - white shirt, blue jeans and shawl; blue shirt, white pants and shawl)

(my shawl was tie dyed and is an original from Tina's Tie Dye

On Saturday, May 21, 2011, The Travelin' Maven, Ma America, made her debut. What do you think? I also have matching shoestrings in my tennis shoes but haven't taken a picture of the whole person so shoes can't be seen right now - lol. So officially, "Ma America" is now my alter ego. On the back of my shawl, I placed the lettering - "THE TRAVELIN' MAVEN" and on the front "MA AMERICA". The letters are stick ons I picked up at Walmart in the department where the mailboxes are since the crafts/sewing department didn't have anything cheap that I liked. I used 2 inch lettering on the back part and 3 inch lettering on the front. I think it turned out pretty good. I'll be looking for some more permanent (iron-on or sew-on) lettering soon but for now, this will have to do.

These are a few pictures of my table setup, but I moved my sign after a couple of hours when I had trouble getting out from between the tables when the folks behind me got there (you can see in the picture how we were). but didn't take any new pictures of the sign on the other side. There were a few children's authors there (maybe half a dozen or so), poets, historical fiction, and some nonfiction authors as well. I think there was a little bit of something for everyone but not enough traffic. I'd love to have seen more teachers or families visiting but many factors could have come in to play over the weekend.

Here are a couple of folks I met during the day. The one thing I did forget to do was to get some pictures of my friend Beatryce Shaw, author of the Brown Roses series, and I apologize to her for that. She had her brown roses on the table which were very pretty.

Kit Grady, author and illustrator

Mango's table (partial as there were other books displayed as well)

John Bemis, a YA author I'd met last year at the SCBWI Fall Conference in Charlott.

It was a good weekend but exhausting. See you all in the postings -


Mr. Hughes said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time. The displays look like they were engaging and fun. Keep up the great work! :)

Carol Baldwin said...

yep, these events are exhausting. Agreed!Are you doing the homeschool conf in Charlotte this year? I just now thought of it. guess I'm not doing it--too late!

elysabeth said...

Mr. Hughes, I try to keep my tables fun and engaging. Of course when I'm always in the area talking to other exhibitors, doesn't help me much - lol.

Carol, yes I'm doing the Love to Learn Conference in Charlotte this year but I don't think it's too late (you just don't get the early bird special rate on your space). You should have received your information packet a couple of months ago. If not, I can send to you if you are still interested. I'm doing two workshops this year - my "Writing Roads" one which I did last year and a new one for a younger group of kids called "Draw and Tell". I'm struggling right now but I have faith that all things will come together like they should. Chat soon.

Thanks for stopping by ya'll. E :)

LM Preston said...

I think the best part of bookfest signing is the networking too! Along with the signing.

elysabeth said...

Well, I'm such a social butterfly that is easy for me to do. I love chatting with people and just getting my name out there. I would have loved to have been at BEA like you, LM but unfortunately I can't afford it, being that I'm a self published author. Maybe next year I can make it. I get emails about BEA all the time. Maybe my books will take off this year and help support my events and all - I just need to get more stories written and published.

I love greeting the public as much as signing books (in my case, every book signed is a book sold - lol). But yes, they are fun. I'm heading to Sumter, SC, on the 16th for a homeschool conference and am excited about that one since I get to do my "Writing Roads" workshop for the kids this year. I'm just praying that some money miracles show up between now and then. But all will work out. See yall in the postings - E :)

Kit said...

It was a yet small but nice event, but made lots of new friends. Great to meet you there Elysabeth.
Kit Grady

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