Friday, March 18, 2011

Dacusville and Great Homsechool Convention

Today, I'm heading to Dacusville Middle School for the "Read Across America" program. I'll be reading to 6th graders. I'm excited.

From the school, I'll head to Greenville to the Great Homeschool Convention to do some volunteer work. I have bookmarks and order forms so hopefully I can put them in the hands of the right people and garner some orders. I really could use a decent set of orders on books since it seems like forever since I've sold any (well I did just sell six copies last month at the Geofest but I'd love to see 10 to 20 come through). I will take pictures and post later - see you all in the postings - Mrs. E :)


LM Preston said...

Although I don't homeschool exclusively, I've taking those principles and taught my kids to read, write, and expand their learning by working with them at home.

Rena said...

Have fun!

elysabeth said...

Awesome, LM. At some point before school starts, we all do the homeschooling thing because we are the kids first teaching contact.

Thanks, Rena. - more later - E :)

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