Thursday, February 24, 2011

Basket weaving update

Way back in the fall of 2010, I showed my basket weaving crafts which goes with State of Successes. Last week before heading to Geofest, I had an idea about the baskets, What about using yarn for the weaving instead of plastic bag strips or the raffia as suggested on the original pattern. I bought some yarn Monday while out - red, white and blue of course. This is done on a yellow circle but I think on a white, red or blue background this will look awesome - what do you think? I did think of getting some yellow/green varigated yarn to work on the yellow and green circles (yellow and green basket from A Tisket A Tasket or even for the spring colors - some pastels worked on some pastel colored foam for Easter).

As you can see from this view - I'm not sure what to do with the tails - starting and ending (I've not snipped the yarn for an ending tail yet), but am thinking of somehow weaving over the starting tail but that still leaves what to do with the ending tails of the yarn. Any suggestions? Leave a comment with what you would do with the tails.

This is the bottom or outside of the basket.

On this particular one, I used all three colors keeping them in a layered fashion, so I got three times around completely - with three layers on the inside and outside from my starting point to ending point. If you want to just a single colored yarn, you should get more layers on the weaving. Maybe I'll do a couple of samples with one color and two colors so everyone can see what they will look like. Just remember to pull taut so as to form the basket but not too tight that your weaving material slips off the tops. You probably can use some tacky glue as you go along to keep the yarn in place if you feel the need. I may try some with the tacky glue or may just leave them alone. I'll let you all know what I do as I play around with the different ways to do these baskets.

They will make a great mother's day gift for mom's rings or whatever she would like to put in them. They will make cute mini Easter baskets in the pastels. I think even around the holidays to do them in the fall colors would be a cute idea. I'll do some each season with the different colors and go from there. Hope you enjoy. If you do them in a color of your choice, how about letting me know and showing me what you came up with. You can email me an image of your basket and give me permission to post your picture, First name Last initial and where you are from - thanks everyone.

Leave a comment - maybe I'll get brave and do an actual video of me weaving the circles; just have to think about that since you wouldn't actually see my face - lol. I think this will be a fun craft for anyone.

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