Friday, February 25, 2011

Ann Eisenstein author of Hiding Carly

Last weekend upon leaving Geofest, I stopped at a school on the way out and met a new author, Ann Eisenstein, author of Hiding Carly. We are both members of the SCBWI and she had posted on the forum that she would be doing her Book Launch Party. So I decided to go meet a fellow author. It was a pretty cool event. I wish I had taken my camera in because one lady brought her Kindle in and the author actually "signed" the book on the Kindle. I know what you must be thinking - you can't really sign a book on Kindle, can you? Well, technically no. You can make "notes" in books like in the margins or whatever, so the Kindle owner put the book in note mode and had it to a page where she wanted the author to sign, and the author typed a message and signed it that way.

So, signing ebooks on Kindle, and probably Nook as well, is possible (there has been some discussion on the topic of not being able to sign ebooks on many different forums I belong to). My question is to all my readers - would you like to see my books as ebooks, on Kindle or Nook? Let me know since I'm thinking of it as a possibility but not sure how well my books will do as ebooks. I've got a trial here with State of Successes but that is kind of a "library" which is pc, Google TV and Samsung Galaxy TAB compatible - not really as an ereader like the Kindle or Nook. Let me know what your thoughts on ebooks are and if you'd like to see the JGDS series in ebook format.

See you all in the postings - Mrs. E :)


Carol Baldwin said...

signing a Kindle. What will be next? never heard of that before!

elysabeth said...

I hear that but it can be done. So you never know - lol. E :)

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