Monday, July 12, 2010

Proof arrived

I've been about town showing it off to folks - the post office people, the librarians, the workers at the dentist office who are fans and following my series. I got home and started checking it more closely and dang if I didn't goof. I kept looking at the wig illustration, thinking "I know Heather moved it down since it was so high on the page" but thought maybe it just wasn't moved enough and showed up different. I started reading the inside and the bio page and realized I uploaded the wrong "final" version of the interior I had in my files. So I have to re-order my proof hopefully tomorrow and next week I'll be able to do a complete order of 50 for the first run. But I do like how it looks. Thank you, Heather. She was the first person I called when I opened the package. I can't wait for her to see the final book. She is going to work out well for the series.

She did assure me that she is working on the covers for "Successes" and "Heights" and hopes to have them to me soon and so I may have new covers to share with you all. Stay tuned - Mrs. E :)


Mr. Hughes said...

Uh OH! But hey, you did get to see a hard copy in your hands! That had to be neat. Sorry I missed your chat last night. Your chat box popped up just as I had hit "shutdown"- lol. It was a long day- LOTS OF READING- BLAH! Can't wait to see your book "for real".

Carol said...

at least you found it before it went to the final press! I guess that's why they call them "proofs." This stage always makes me nervous!

elysabeth said...

I agree - just seeing that little booklet in my hands is so awesome. I totally love the look of it. My daughter said if she saw it in a store and it weren't my book she'd probably pick it up and buy it because it is so adorable. I can't wait for payday to get here - lol - so I can get some copies ordered. It turns out that createspace apparently prints their books in Charleston, SC, which means the books only have to go a short distance to get to me - so next week we will go through the process again - E :)

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