Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Happy dance time!!! State of Successes cover arrived last night

Heather has been a busy young lady (I still can't believe she is only 16 years old). Not only has she completely done "Train of Clues" from illustrations to layout/design and cover, she has been working on getting the next book in the series completed. Sometime this weekend she sent me three illustrations which are to go on the cover, and what a difference a little color makes, even though I do know the illustrations I got were not complete. So last night I get an email from Heather and it says - Look what I got for ya! - and it was the front and back cover (incomplete back cover but I know why she did that so she would have everything ready to put on the back cover) - and all I can say is - Woohooo!!!!! - You Go, Heather! - Excellent job and I can't wait to see the interior illustrations.

So for your viewing pleasure - here's the cover for State of Successes -

Drop me a line and let me know what you think of it or if you feel so inclined to drop Heather a note personally, you can reach her on her website - I'll pass all the comments to Heather as well

Now that I have a cover, I'm running a preorder special for the remaining books in the series on my website. Orders can be placed from my website for only $419 (this is a savings of $98). This will include the accompanying study guide for each book and each book will be autographed to whomever you indicate when placing your order - one child, all children or to the family. As a new title comes out, you will be one of the first to receive your copy. See you all in the postings - Mrs. E :)


Rena said...

Looks great, E! I'm glad you were able to keep the original feel of the previous covers. Congrats!

Carol Baldwin said...

I can't believe your illustrator is only 16. She's getting an early start in the publishing business. Great you guys can work together like this!

elysabeth said...

Thanks, Rena. That was the intent - even switching over to self-publishing - to keep the same look so that I wouldn't get much flack about anything - consistency - that's what I think my readers will like about the series.

Carol, what's even better is that she has already published her first book and she is homeschooled. That makes it great for both of us. She said it is more like she "schools" like being tutored so she has a good bit of time to do other things. I should have a proof copy of "Successes" at the conference in August to show you (I'm looking forward to seeing more interior illustrations now) and I'll have copies of the story that started it all - "Train of Clues" available too. We have one other project in the works for the series and hopefully the proof will be available for the conference as well - I'm super excited that things are working out for the series now - more books per year getting published and a wonderful illustrator who is young and has high hopes for herself. She also works with me to make sure I'm 100% satisfied before finalizing anything - She is well worth what we agreed to on contract.

I look forward to seeing you in a few short weeks - E :)

KittyNadem said...

Aw, are you trying to buttering me up Elysabeth? ha ha!

Carol - It's true, it's true, I am only 16. I've been doing graphic designs for a few years now though - I know, kind of hard to believe, entirely true though! It's like a really awesome major hobby of mine, so I guess that would be why I'm good at it. Elysabeth is a joy to work with, so that makes it all much easier as well.

Okay, I'm going to get back to work now, just stopped in for a minute. See? Elysabeth keeps me busy. Just kidding, just kidding!

~ Heather Paye

elysabeth said...

Well from reading your posts on Facebook - it seems you are working on another book - so it's not all on me but I do plan to keep you busy for the next 8 or 9 years - I'd love to get ahead so that when I'm ready to publish the next in the series, all I have to do is pluck the cover and interior and publish them - and I'm working on that in a way - so far we are ahead of schedule for the next two in the series which is a good thing for that side of it but it's a bad thing on my writing end of it - in that I haven't completed the next three stories set to be published the first part of next year - hahaha - only clues have been placed for you to go at it with the illustrations - I'm keeping both of us busy for now - and by this time next year, we will be so far ahead of schedule all it will be is a matter of having everything ready because we will be in a nice routine by then. I'm glad you agreed to do my illustrations.

And no rush on anything - just have them done by yesterday (DEMANDING AS I AM - joking) - lol - chat soon - E :)

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