Thursday, April 8, 2010

Tried "Road Trip" yet?

If you've tried the game from the activity booklet, there are some corrections that need to be made. The booklet is available on my website.

If anyone has downloaded the activity booklet and worked the "Road Trip" game and came up with a different route (that works) other than what is listed in the answer key, please feel free to email me (eeldering at gmail dot com) your solution, so I can add all the possible solutions as an updated file. As of today, April 8, 2010, I have about 26 solutions working with the possibility of more. So please drop me an email if you have come up with different routes. (There are four routes possible starting in the middle of the country - Ks or MO and going through Canada a third time to connect MI with ME, albeit a longer trip - lol; there are at least eight routes starting in ME and ending in FL as well as starting in ME and ending in TX). I'm adding new ones as I find them. I will post a completed revised answer sheet soon (on the website with a link to a shared file on when I feel that I've exhaused the routes.

Here is a suggestion for the map - if you don't want to use the one in the booklet - get a small laminated map that you can use either a dry erase or wet erase marker on and keep track of your route that way. When you are finished and satisfied that you have hit every state only one time on the route (but can enter Canada more than once if need be), then write your answers down and check them in the back. If they don't match, drop me a note and I'll let you know if that is one of the new acceptable routes. I'd love to hear from you all on the routes you come up with for the "Road Trip" game. Mrs. E & the JGDS

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