Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Lemonade anyone? National lemonade day coming

I subscribe to a newsletter geared for homeschoolers called "clickschooling" but some of the sites she sends us to are pretty cool. I had to share this with you all since it sounds like a fun and interesting way to get your kids involved in the community and make a little bit of money.

Now, you may ask, "What's Lemonade Day?"

It's a real nation-wide event that trains the next generation of entrepreneurs through a fun and experiential activity that teaches kids skills such as:

- Goal Setting
- Developing a Business Plan
- Establishing a Budget
- Seeking Investors
- Providing Customer Service
- Giving Back to the Community

On May 2nd, 2010 in a handful of cities across America (with the exception of the festivities in Durham, North Carolina on May 1st, and the celebration in the San Francisco Bay Area on May 15th), young entrepreneurs of all ages can participate by setting up a lemonade stand and selling lemonade in their community.

Kids pick the time and location of their choice to set up and run their lemonade stand - and they keep what they earn!

And in the spirit of a true business, they are encouraged to open a savings account, pay back investors, and make a further investment in their community by donating a portion of their profits to a charity of their choice.

Of course, kids will need adult supervision, sponsors, investors, employees, and customers!

To help kids get started, Lemonade Day provides registered participants (in the sponsoring cities) with a free how-to "Entrepreneur's Workbook" containing instructions and lesson plans that combine academics and life skills to help students accomplish their goal. Details on how to register are at LemonadeDay.org.

Now, while "Lemonade Day" may not be "officially" celebrated in your city, you can still play the free online games and put what you learn into practice by setting up your own independent lemonade stand on May 2nd - or any time of year!

Check out the Lemonade day link for more information on how to register as well as "official cities" but some fun games as well.

If you homeschool, you may want to subscribe to Diane's Clickschooling newsletter and get daily curriculum ideas. She has it set up so that Monday is math, Tuesday is science, Wednesday is language arts, Thursday is social sciences, Friday is virtual field trip day (I think these are pretty cool), and Saturday is music/art/foreign language day. She had an interesting site for one of the Thursdays and I'm still trying to figure out how to turn one of my clues in book #5 into a historical investigator type activity. I'm working on it but if interested in the "cases" they have available right now, you can check out this website and maybe do some historical invesstigating of your own.

Hope you all participate and that your lemonade is not too sour nor too sweet, but just right - Let's make some lemonade - Mrs. E :)


Carol said...

Cool post! thanks for sharing.

pat said...

I love lemonade and will be sure to keep my eyes open for stands in my area.

elysabeth said...

Pat, maybe you and your nieces can start a lemonade stand. I don't think South Carolina has any "sponsoring" cities or "official" stands but still - you guys can participate if you want to - lol

Carol, thanks for stopping by - E :)

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