Saturday, August 15, 2009

AnAuthor World Conference

What can I say, this was awesome. I met Carol Baldwin who has a curriculum for teachers to teach students to write short stories, and this was perfect since I'm working with Mr. Hughes and his sixth grade class during their writing time. I did purchase her book but after going through it, it looks like I may need to purchase another copy so that he can have a copy and I can have one and hopefully this will be some guidelines to help the students write the best stories they can this year.

Vonda Skelton was the keynote and she was awesome as well, even though she did get a bit emotional when talking about her sister and something that just dawned her while she was speaking.

I sat in Pam's morning class about writing articles or stories for magazines. That was very informative too. I don't have much time to write articles or stories for magazines but it could be something to fall back on.

I met some really cool people and gave my books to a retired school teacher in Atlanta area who is going to put them in the hands of the right people - lol. See contacts and getting in the right hands is everything - right place, right time.

If any of you are in the area, I suggest you follow the link (please click on title to be taken to the website for AnAuthor World) and keep checking back for updated events occurring with these folks. Talk was in November they are doing an illustrator's conference with the possibility of having Melinda Long there. I met her at the SCWW conference a couple of years ago. I hope I get a chance to catch up with her then. Fingers crossed.

Overall, this was an awesome, awesome, day. Check back for more updates - E :)

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