Friday, June 12, 2009

Where are the readers?

I have 22 followers and only two of you are subscribed to my email subscription. For updates in your email box, click the box to the right and sign up and you will be notified on the days I update. I hope you all are still interested in what is going on with the states. How about leaving some comments on what all you would like to see on this blog. I need feedback from my fans (the few I have so far). Remember to tell your friends and family and teachers and homeschoolers - anyone who works with 9-12 year old or has kids in that age group who would be interested in my series. Come on folks - I know you are out there. Please leave comments and let me know what you want to see me post about - E :)

1 comment:

Rena said...

Good luck with the series, Elysabeth. I still need to get that second book from you. I hope I can do that soon.

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