Tuesday, January 6, 2009


I just signed up on titlez to follow the books from 4RV Publishing and when I signed up a couple of hours ago, State of Wilderness was up at 2,500,000 something and I just looked a few minutes ago and now I'm back down to 3,400,000 something. Even with four 5-star reviews, I'm not getting enough exposure. I would love to see my ranking on amazon.com jump up to low numbers (the higher the number, the lower the ranking; the lower the number, the higher the ranking). So come on folks, keep checking us for updates.

Maybe my upcoming blog tour will help boost sales and move me up in the rankings. Maybe the release of the second book will do so. Maybe if more schools got on board and would use the books to supplement their social studies program, then rankings will be greater. Who knows what will bring the rankings to the lower numbers (in the hundred thousands as opposed to the millions)? I hope I still have readers out there. I haven't reached nearly enough people with my books and we are really just getting started with the series.

I also would encourage my readers and followers to sign up for my monthly newsletter, posted on the yahoo forum I created every month with a message to your mailbox letting you know the file is posted, to keep abreast of what is going on with the books and series. I try to keep the newsletters fun and interesting and if anyone has any event in their local area they'd like me to feature, please don't hesitate to let me know and I'll see about putting it in the newsletter.

Book tour starts on the 17th, so don't forget to stop at all the blog stops listed below and leave comments. There will be a prize offered at each tour stop, but leaving a comment is the only way to be eligible for the prize. See you all then - E :)

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