Thursday, August 7, 2008

Noteworthy News

We apologize for being absent so much of late. Ms. Elysabeth has been busy (see her posting on the other blog for how busy she has been).

Ms. Elysabeth has done three summer camp presentations at the Belton Center of the Arts and although the kids haven't been buying the books yet, they have been pretty receptive to her reading. Ms. Stephanie took pictures yesterday and we are hoping she remembers to email a copy to Ms. Elysabeth so she can post here. (Will let you know when they are available).

Ms. Vivian is back from vacation and at least one school will be showcasing several books from 4RV Publishing including the JGDS series. We can't wait to get into the schools and show the kids how much fun learning geography can be.

So far, Book 1 has been selling very well. We are pleased with how she is getting us out there. It seems she has sold 35 books total (including a few books on hold that she is awaiting to see the persons or receive their money). Viv had to order another 50 books sent to Ms. Elysabeth for the Decatur Book Festival. We hope she sells all 50 there and has to place another order for the Aiken Book Festival. We are looking forward to being in Decatur. It seems like it is shaping up to be a very big festival.

Book 2 clues are being placed in the story but nothing else has happened. Matt and Mary Beth are playing the game this time and they haven't told Ms. Elysabeth much as to how they are interacting or what the end result will be (of course she has been a bit busy to really sit down and listen to them). The book will be ready on time for publication in January.

The cover didn't win this time but maybe the next one will. We can only hope. We are being urged to get off now so we will sign off and will post more when we can.

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Donna McDine ~ Children's Author said...

Hi...sound like your camp visits were fun. Did the Decatur festival occur yet? If yes, how did it go? If not, best wishes for success!


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