Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Guess the State from the clue

Ms. Elysabeth says that Google alerts are not hitting on her blog much. She is allowing us to offer two clues for the readers to guess the state. Email her at eeldering@gmail.com with your answer. Feel free to comment about any aspect of the clue or the book in general, but if you know the answer, don't tell everyone. We're betting if you guess correctly we can persuade her to send you a state related gift. Remember, no looking at maps, no searching the internet, just make your guess like we do. Send it and see if you know your geography - the JGDS

CLUE #1: This state’s landscape includes fast rivers, evergreen forests, steep waterfalls, canyons, plateaus, and lakes. Some of its more famous places are Shoshone Falls in which the water cascades down 212 feet, which is a greater drop than Niagara Falls and Hell’s Canyon, which is 7900 feet deep, the deepest canyon in North America.

CLUE #2: The Lemhi Pass is most notable for the Lewis and Clark expedition, which entered this state in 1805. Now, the Lemhi County Historical Museum contains artifacts and information about Sacajawea, the Native American woman who helped Lewis and Clark discover the Northwest Territory.

Have fun and hope you all know it - the JGDS

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Rain-drop said...

Gosh, I don't know the answer! Darn! But this was a fun post to read, it's like a fun quiz thing. Cool! I think kids will love this. I just wish I knew the answer, haha...now I feel silly! But silly is good.

Glad to see the JGDS series goes well.

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