Tuesday, July 15, 2008

First review of State of Wilderness

Well here it is folks - the first review of the first book. It's such a wonderful review -

“Elysabeth has created an intriguing storyline to encourage youngsters to learn about our United States. The relationships of her four characters add depth to the stories; they are true to their age and situation. Interesting and educational, State of Wilderness is a wonderful first book in the Junior Geography Detective Series: I’m looking forward to the next 49 books!”

--Batya D. Wininger, UPositive Creativity and Life Coaching


Kimberli said...

Congrats! Very good news.

elysabeth said...

Thanks. I think it's a wonderful review. Keep checking back for updates - E :)

Aidana WIllowRaven said...

I told you from the beginning this going to be a good series.


Rain-drop said...

What an awesome review!!

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