Sunday, November 13, 2011

Geography Awareness Week

Today is the official start of GAweek - the theme this year is "adventure in your community." What are you doing around your community to become more aware of the geography around you? Are you exploring? Taking any of the challenges I've posted? Joined any geography type groups?

This week, Ma America & the JGDS will be exploring the geography of other areas, outside of the immediate community. Wednesday, they will be traveling to Charlotte, NC, for GIS day (posting to follow on GIS day on Wednesday). The word is that there will be about 200 to 300 students participating in the activities for GIS Day; we can only hope to have a few of those teachers buy a couple of books and bookworms throughout the day. Thursday, we are heading to Savannah for the Children's Book Festival and there are several other authors Ms. Elysabeth had recommended who will be there, some old acquaintances and some new ones. Ma America will make an appearance at Largo-Tibet Elementary School and will do a reading of her book, Train of Clues, to seven, yes you read the correctly, seven 3rd grade classes. The group will be split into two groups so as not to be overwhelming all at once. If regular work isn't too overwhelming after the school visit, Ma America is hoping to be able to explore Savannah a bit as this will be her third year there and she has yet to do any sightseeing.

So, what adventure is going on in your community for GAweek? How about telling us about some of them here - see you all in the postings - Ma America & the JGDS :)


Diplo_Daddy said...

Our little one has recently started to show an interest in flags. Pretty neat, I think. So my wife bought him a huge map of the world, with all the countries and, with each country’s respective flag listed at the top and bottom of the map. It now hangs proudly on his bedroom wall.

And each morning, he spends a few minutes pointing out the flags from various countries from around the world. I’d like to take some colored push-pins (thumb tacks) and mark all the countries we’ve visited over the years. However, I’m afraid he’ll take them out and possibly hurt himself. Maybe in a few years...

Great post!

elysabeth said...

Diplo_Daddy - that is awesome he is starting to take an interest in geography. It's never too early to start with anything educationally related. Hope he continues with his adventures learning geography any way he can - E :)

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