Monday, June 7, 2010

Writing Roads workshop

Saturday was my free workshop for the kids, held at the public library. I had four students show up and Ms. Heidi Ippolito helping me out. Two of the students were homeschoolers and two were from my small town, on a perchance meeting at the post office where I told the mother about the workshop and she had her son and his friend brought over for it (she had to attend graduation which was my unfortunate luck to schedule my workshop around the time of graduation). All in all, I think it went okay. I hope the kids had fun and that they took something away with them. One of the mothers did say she would be interested in having me come do a presentation for the co-op group, so that's a bonus - wooohooo. They also said they would be in Sumter in a couple of weekends looking for me - so I'm hoping they will tell others about me.

Ms. Heidi was gracious enough to take some pictures of the event. I have to remember that I do have video capability on the camera so the next time I can have someone record me so I can see what I've missed or forgotten and then work on improving.

I'm in need of some more "geography games" I can use in the workshop - so if any of my readers have any ideas of new games that I can create or some old geography games that can be done in groups and are geared for ages 3rd grade up to 8th, please let me know. I'm open to all ideas.

I'm thinking of doing a half-day writing workshop in the fall after school starts back and hopefully I'll gain some interest from that as well.

Here are some pictures taken:

This is the kids after they had won their prizes and we were wrapping up the session

Heidi was very sweet - even took me to her home and fed me lunch and had fixed a birthday cake. It was very nice and I had an enjoyable day, although none of my kids even bothered to contact me for my birthday. Oh well. I'm okay with everything else. See you all in the postings - Mrs. E :)


Mr. Hughes said...

YEA! Keep it up and soon you will have quite the following! Go E!

elysabeth said...

Cool - that's what I keep hoping is happening and I think my decision to target the homeschoolers was the best thing so far, not that I won't continue following your class. I miss that. Chat soon - E :)

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