Sunday, February 28, 2010

SC Book Festival day #2

This morning I remembered to take my camera around after I had set up and take some snapshots of others' booths and some friends I know and made this weekend. So, in no particular order, here some of the folks I've known for a few years now:

This is Jackie Cooper, author of memoirs whom I met a few years ago before my series was an actual thing but it was in the pipelines. He's such a sweet man. I think he was about to do a book signing this morning, since this is the book signing area where I happened to catch him. They must have had an early presentation (before the crowds were allowed to enter the exhibit hall) or maybe he was one of the authors at the "Brunch with the Authors" segment early on.

This is Rod Hunter, husband and publicist for Gwen Hunter who also writes as Faith Hunter and I think one other name. She has so many different writing genres, it's hard to keep up with her. I only know her as Gwen though. She had stepped away from the table so I didn't get a picture of her today. Gwen has spoken at our Sisters in Crime meetings before and she is a very awesome lady. I did get a book from her that I have to start reading soon.

This is the author of the "fairy books" - she wears wings and her husband wears what looks like a wizard hat so every time I see her, I just say, "Hey Fairy" - Bobbie Hinman is the author of the "The Knot Fairy," "The Sock Fairy," and "The Belly Button Fairy" with "The Fart Fairy" coming soon. She is a delight to speak with and network with since she is a retired school teacher and has some ins. I met her at the Decatur Book Festival in 2008 when State of Wilderness debuted. It is nice seeing her down in my neck of the woods since I had believed her to be from the Atlanta area in the first place. I found out that she is really from Maryland. Check out her website, because she is one busy lady. Her events are nonstop.

Carole Marsh Mysteries/Gallopade Publishing and Carole Marsh Blog. I found Carole's mysteries accidentally and started following her blog and then met up with them in Savannah. She was almost directly across from me in Savannah. She watched me as I became swamped throughout the day. Carole was unable to be here this weekend but her assistant Paige was available. Paige's mother and her two children showed up Sunday to help out. I didn't really get to talk to her much over the weekend. Where Bellman Bear was located directly across from me, Gallopade was on the other side of that curtain, up one or two booths. And a big thank you to Ms. Paige for writing my tag line on my map.

This is Karen Petit, author of the Ivy League Series, with Louise her poodle and one of the officers who happened to be chatting with Karen this morning. Posing in front of the Ivy sign. I think I mentioned last year that Ivy passed away. It was a sad day for all of the students who had come to love Ivy, but she will live in the books forever and will never be forgotten. Louise made her debut in the fourth Ivy League book - The Mystery of the Circus Curse. I have started reading but haven't had a chance to finish.

For my new friends:
These two young ladies were setting up their booth Friday afternoon when I happened upon the coolest things; they are called "It's all about the books" and you can check out their website for more information. They have shirts and bags and mugs and other items that have sayings on them that are all related to books. The bag I purchased says - librocubicularist and under it (Reads in bed) - they say it's a real word but I had to have it since that's where I do my reading. LOL. On the way out today, I was talking in the parking lot with them and the one lady did say that the homeschool community being such a tight-knit one that once I get in with them, I'm in, simply because they know friends who homeschool in other states and so on, word of mouth. I'm hoping that's what happens this year when more titles become available and I attend homeschool conferences/curriculum fairs.

This is Paula from Palmetto Cat Designs. She was selling the little magnetic bookmarks and joined us for dinner last night. We had a blast. Josh (Shelley's son), Paula, Shelley and myself went to Yesterday's and I think we all had wonderful food and truly just had a blast. Poor Paula, I had a pair of scissors but just couldn't get to them readily and so we were constantly borrowing hers. She also gave us some leads to other types of festivals we could possibly think of doing.

This is the booth that was across from ours, Bellman Bear, he travels the United States and the world. When I first read the description of this exhibitor I started thinking I had a little competition. Then I checked out his website and realized, no competition at all. I did contact the author to let her know that I would be there with my series. When we got booth assignments and all, I checked out the layout and found out Bellman was right across from me. So it was nice meeting the authors of my sort of competition in a series similar yet not really similar to mine. Good luck to Bellman in his travels and each adventure coming up.


Rena said...

Sounds like you got to meet a lot of great people.

elysabeth said...

I did and it's always nice to reacquaint yourself with old friends. The count we received in email today said something like over 6000 attended the 2-day event (up from about 5000 last year and it snowed that Sunday so a lot of folks headed out early).

I enjoy this one and will probably continue doing it, representing 4RV authors, until I get too busy to be able to participate. LOL. Thanks for stopping by - chat later - E :)

Rain-drop said...

Wow, you are quite a networker! That is an excellent skill to have. I used to watch my father network for possible clients at various events; I see you are networking in a different sort of way, socially, getting to know fellow authors.

I believe it is always good to know others from your own trade; you never know what wisdom they might teach you.

I especially like the sound of the fairy lady - the fart fairy! haha! - and I believe I have heard of Faith Hill, too.

Thanks for sharing!

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