Sunday, May 17, 2009

Radio and relatives?

The Welcome Center promotional event went well. Katie Hines and I have been asked to come participate in the August themed event (every month the staff at Fair Play Welcome Center have a theme they present to travelers). By then, State of Reservations should be out and book #4 (tentatively titled State of Heights) will be close to out or out. Just have to see how far I get in the next few days writing wise. The staff are already trying to predict what South Carolina's book will be titled - and have suggested State of Rebellion - but I don't work off titles since my titles are reflective of the clues inside the book and Batya helps come up with my titles. So I will refer my clues to her when I get them in place for that book and let her come up with a title - lol.

I did get to meet Radio and Coach Jones and they will be here in Honea Path in July doing an event for the Outdoor Dream Foundation (similar to the Make-A-Wish Foundation, in that they do things for the kids). For more information, check out The Outdoor Dream Foundation and see what all they have coming up.

Now for the most awesome thing that happened to me - I was standing at my table talking a gentleman. I probably had been talking for 3 or 4 minutes when he says, "I'm traveling with two women who are teachers. You should talk to my wife about your books and schools." I said okay, then his wife came out and he called her over to the table and started telling her what I was doing. She looked at my cover of State of Quarries, and looked at me and asked, "You're an Eldering?" and I said yes. She pointed at me and stammered, "You're... you're.... you're..." and I was going, yes I am and replied, "Oh my gosh." She continues with "You're Bill's wife and I'm..." and I was like "Yeah, you're" and she says, "I'm Aunt Toni." They live in Florida. I have met them one time in my 20 years of marriage and that was 15 years ago when I was pregnant with my youngest child. They were traveling with one of their daughters, Joanna, who is a teacher in, get this of all places, Gwinnett County Georgia, which is only about 2-1/2 hours from Honea Path, to visit with Bill's youngest sister who lives in North Carolina, this side of Charlotte. So my most awesome experience was running into relatives of my husband's on their way to get their other daughter and visit with one of his sisters.

Overall, I do believe the contacts will hopefully get me into the schools nearby and then move out from there. They say you have to start at home or close to home so hopefully this will be the leg up I need - Pictures to come soon (daughter has to download them from her camera to a CD so I can put in my computer (I'm having printer problems again). Will post when I can - E :)

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