Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Cybil who?

Who is Cybil? Or should I say what is Cybil. Cybil is an award (stands for Children's and Young adult Bloggers' Literary award). For information, click on the title of this post and you can read more about this award.

State of Wilderness is one of 132 nominated for this award in the Middle Grade Fiction category. This is one of three 4RV books that has been nominated. The other two are Trockle in the Fiction Picture Books category and a new release, Prairie Dog Cowboy in the Middle Grade Fiction category.

It wasn't intentional that two books be in the same category but it happened. State of Wilderness needs its own classification being that it is part fact (the clues are all general information that can be found anywhere about the state) and part fiction (my characters are all fictional and interact). I've heard the term "faction" given to this type of book so maybe next year they will open a new category and I won't have to worry about competing against other 4RV books. It's hard when you have so many good books out there deserving of awards and then to have to go against your own companies books. Now it is up to the panelists to read and review. Finalists will be listed in January and award winners will be announced on February 14.

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Rena said...

Good luck to all!

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