Sunday, June 1, 2008

BIRTHDAY non-contest and fixed SNAFU

It's Ms. Elysabeth's birthday and she is running a non-contest from now until Thursday (her actual birth date). Here's the deal. Anyone who signs up for the monthly newsletter that keeps you informed about the series as well as happenings in different states and emails Ms. Elysabeth at with their snail mail addy and subject line of JGDS Newsletter sign up will receive a state-related gift. So don't delay. Sign up for the newsletter and stay informed on what's happening with us and around your area. Get your free state-related gift. Hurry non-contest ends Thursday.

SNAFU fixed: (the low down on the SNAFU and the fix)
Well, it seems Ms. Elysabeth has fixed the little SNAFU she had. Here is the rundown of what was going on: Apparently, Living Waters Publishers was being a bit evasive about when she would actually be published and was keeping her in the dark about things. They had been having some problems since the beginning. Ms. Elysabeth had a feeling that something wasn't right, so she kept asking Ms. Aidana if she should get out of her contract. Ms. Aidana said to let things settle and that everything would be okay. Just to be patient. So Ms. Elysabeth let it slide for a bit. Then when Ms. Elysabeth asked about the company having booths in book festivals and particpating as such, she was told by several people in the company to whom she had sent emails that all her emails were going to spam and when they finally got the emails, she was told they would get back to her. No one ever got back to her and no one would give her a straight answer. So she was in limbo. Finally, she had told Ms. Aidana, she wasn't too happy and she needed to know what was going on and what direction to go in. Then Ms. Vivian popped up and started chatting with Ms. Elysabeth. Ms. Vivian is the owner of 4RV Publishing. After a couple of days of chatting with Ms. Vivian and being encouraged to return to chatting with Ms. Aidana, Ms. Elysabeth found her solution. Ms. Vivian and Ms. Aidana had been chatting and Ms. Aidana had told her that Ms. Elysabeth was concerned about things and she didn't know what to tell Ms. Elysabeth.

Finally on Saturday, May 10, Ms. Elysabeth and Ms. Aidana had a little chat. Things had been pretty busy during the week and so neither had been communicating with each other. Ms. Aidana told Ms. Elysabeth that she was fine at this point for her to request to be released from her contract with Living Waters Publishers. Come to find out the reason Ms. Vivian was encouraging Ms. Elysabeth to chat with Ms. Aidana was that she was interested in her series about us.

So the ball got rolling. Letters were sent and a request for release was made. The release was done and a new contract has been signed with 4RV Publishing and State of Wilderness, the first in the JGDS series will be released in August as scheduled. Ms. Vivian will be doing a virtual launch party for all her upcoming releases in the children's book areas including this one July 14-18 on - More will be posted as to where to go for that. There will be prizes, contests and lots of fun, so keep checking for a link to get you to the launch party. You have to sign up with before you can participate but it is free.

After the virtual launch party in July, there will be a live launch party release at Decatur Book Fesitval the end of August, Labor Day weekend. This will be for all books 4RV Publishing has released in the recent past up to the middle of August. So if you are in the Atlanta/Decatur, Georgia area Labor Day weekend, stop by the 4RV booth and meet Ms. Elysabeth, Ms. Vivian and Ms. Jacque. We are so looking forward to being there. There will be gifts, giveaways and items for purchase including the books. So definitely come see us if you are in the area.

Well we are out for now - the JGDS


©Hotbutton Press said...

Total bummer... or maybe not. I wondered why Living Waters' posts to BBT were always landing in the spam folder. Isn't that Lacresha Hays' company? I hope this new arrangement serves you better, and that the books get published without anymore hassles.

elysabeth said...

It is Lacresha Hayes' company but she has stepped down as president and her husband is now "president". I've not had any contact with him so don't know what kind of person he is.

I'm not familiar with BBT nor with your profile (the (c)hotbutton press must be a username for you somewhere).

So far, Viv has been tremendously helpful with everything to help me get my first story out. She and I and one other author from her company will be appearing at Decatur the end of August, doing a live launch party for all her books that are coming out or have recently come out. There is more good news coming on that but I don't havve all the details yet. So guess ya'll will have to sign up for my newsletter and find out all that you can about everything going on with us. Thanks for stopping by - the JGDS

Rain-drop said...

I was going to catch the newsletter, considering it, but the time is up...but Happy Birthday! And I'm so glad that everything with the JGDS is working out and that "the ball is rolling" as you said. :)

Luckily Mrs. Aidana has it together. She sounds like a nice lady.

Rain-drop said...

Okay btw I just had to say - I freakin' love the new title poster up there. *points* It rocks my nonexistent socks.

elysabeth said...

You are funny. The top pic on the front page, that is our new logo, to be seen on every book that is published. So the logo; right under it, State of, then a collage of illustrations from inside the book in color (cause you know the inside illustrations are just line renderings really), then the book name (like first one is State of Wilderness - so Wilderness is done special - looks kind of woodsy, wild, cactus looking) of course then the by lines for Ms. Elysabeth and Ms. Aidana. She is pretty awesome. Ms. Viv is really cool too - she's coming all the way from Oklahoma to be with us on our first book festival (as a new book coming out) in Decatur. How awesome is that.

Chai, (well we got interrupted - and forgot what we were going to say to you - lol) - guess we will see you later as Ms. Elysabeth says - the JGDS

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